About Section 101

In an ever-changing world, Section 101 will provide a polished look that is appropriate for any professional landscape, versatile enough to dress up for a night out and comfortable enough to wear the next day. We combine classic silhouettes with signature fashionable details.

Madelin McPhee and Olivia Midgett are the co-creators behind the emerging brand. Maddie and Olivia met on the first day of class at FIT when they both showed up to the class “Section 101”. Upon the first group assignment, they knew they were a dynamic duo. Both went on the have successful careers separately as designers in the fashion industry, but kept getting drawn back to the idea for starting a brand together. In 2020, the foundations were laid for Section 101 while in a global lockdown. After 2 years of building the brand identity and carefully designing the products, Section 101 launched in the Fall of 2022 with their first collection.

Section 101 will continue to release new product and each drop will be tailored to our specific customer. Styles made for each drop will be exclusive to that season. With sustainability at top of mind, Section 101 will only produce styles in small production units. The brand will reduce the need for fast fashion and create a timeless and durable closet. Section 101 is what you will want to wear today.